PG English lessons at your business

Beginner to advanced learners are catered for in regular, certificate level and business English, and courses can be tailored to suit your company's industry.

In house lessons are offered from Zürich to Uznach, along the Southern (left) side of the lake, or taught in our classrooms in Lachen SZ.

Nowadays, if you want your company to be successful internationally, English is more important than ever....

PG English courses are a great way of improving your staff's knowledge and understanding of English by enhancing their skills and confidence in the language and equipping them to become more effective internationally.  Lessons are given by a native speaker and taught 100% in English.  This immersion technique lets your staff experience the language in a practical and natural way, with a patient, understanding and supportive teacher.

No matter what your staff's knowledge of English is and whatever industry your company is involved in, PG English can create a tailor made course for your needs.